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We’re working hard to create the best kids membership site that will nurture their artistic spark, be the creative outlet they crave, bring them happiness, joy, a community of amazing kids AND teach them how to paint!

Things are different this year

Schools are closed, art programs are on hold or cut, and kids are craving a creative outlet.  

But we've got you covered! By being part of The Paint Bar Kids MEMBERSHIP, you can access our art classes anytime and anywhere. Your kids will also be in a community of other passionate little artists.

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What is The Paint Bar Kids MEMBERSHIP?


The Paint Bar Kids MEMBERSHIP is an online membership that teaches kids how to cultivate their creativity AND learn how to paint.  It's art lessons at their fingertips — all online so they can access them at any time.

Our goal is to make every child feel like an artist! 

There are zero expectations and zero pressure. 

Here in the The Paint Bar Kids MEMBERSHIP, we’re on a mission to help bring out your child's creative side, learn how to paint and, most importantly, have fun!


We’re Jackie and Jill, the mother-daughter duo and owners of The Paint Bar.

We LOVE helping people of all artistic levels discover their creative side, have fun and, of course, learn how to paint.

We started our business almost 10 years ago and we were the first Paint and Sip in the Northeast.

We understand how scary it is for many adults to step outside their comfort zone and pick up a paintbrush. That’s why we’ve made it our top priority to create a fun and welcoming environment, filled with a lot of love and a step-by-step approach to painting.

But it's not so scary for kids! With a little encouragement and guidance, they're raring to create. 

We’re here to support your child's artistic endeavors with our NEW Membership.

We can't wait to join them on their creative journey!

Painting doesn't have to be scary and intimidating. With us to guide your child and an amazing community of other creative kids, they’ll be completely supported and cheered on.

We’ve been teaching people with all levels of experience how to make painting fun and approachable for the last 10 years.

So join the party and we'll show your child how it's done!



New Painting Tutorials EVERY Month for Different Age Groups

Jackie and/or Alanna will be teaching new painting tutorials each week via Zoom.

Tutorials most often will be taught in acrylic paint, however we'll be adding classes using other materials such as watercolor, pastels, pen and ink, markers, and mixed media. 

And for our creative crafters, we'll always have something experimental to work on during our Whacky Wednesdays, taught through Facebook LIVE.


Tips and Tricks from the Masters and Us!

Each Master Monday, we'll bring you tips and tricks from the painting masters such as Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, and Georgia O'Keefe (to name a few) AND we'll teach our own special techniques from The Paint Bar!

Monthly Creative Challenges, Themed Coloring Pages, and Drawing Prompts


We know how imaginative kids' minds are, so we're here to get their creative juices flowing, encourage them to explore their artistic side, and provide inspiration both from us and a community of other awesome kids.



Private Invitation to the 

The Paint Bar Kids MEMBERSHIP

Facebook Community

Your kids are invited to be part of a wonderful community of other amazing little artists (with your supervision of course).

This is an extremely supportive group where everyone is there to cheer each other on. Creativity and positivity are contagious, so join the private group and help us spread the love.

We are all better together!

Video Library of Painting Tutorials 

By joining our MEMBERSHIP, you and your child will have access to a growing library of painting tutorials.

There'll be a variety of favorite themes from animals, to galaxy, to sweet treats, to unicorns and rainbows. 

iI you have a request, we want to hear it! After all, kids know all the cool things.

We'll also have a special section dedicated just to watercolor and abstract painting. 

As we grow our video library, you’ll have access to every video tutorial added.

Exclusive Discounts on Our Virtual Classes, Courses, and Private Events

If you’re looking to celebrate your child's birthday — or you just want to take a class in our general virtual sessions — you’ll have your own special code that can be used toward any class we offer.

Meet your instructors and new best friends... Jackie and Alanna!


Hello, I'm Jackie. I'm the Creative Director of The Paint Bar — and now I'm your instructor, coach, and leader inside the The Paint Bar Kids MEMBERSHIP.

I totally credit my Mom for giving me the confidence to follow my creative passion and supporting me on my artistic journey from when I was little until now. 

As kids, we weren't allowed to say we were bored because she would tell us, "bored people are boring." She would just hand us markers and paper. 

Coming from a family of artists (my grandmother is Nancy Schön, artist of Boston’s beloved sculpture, Make Way for Ducklings), I wanted to rebel against my artistic side — but my Mom encouraged me to major in art in college.

I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a Fine Arts degree, majoring in photography. However, painting has always remained my true artistic passion.

I’ve spent the last 10 years teaching in our studio right outside of Boston, and now I am beyond excited to teach people virtually all over the world.

I invite you and your family to join me on this fun adventure!



Hello, I'm Alanna. I'm the Kids Programming Director of The Paint Bar —and now I'm your instructor, coach, and leader inside the The Paint Bar Kids MEMBERSHIP.

Growing up, I was always drawing, painting, or constructing some sort of project at home. My parents would set up an easel in our kitchen with brushes, some washable paint, and one of my dad's old shirts as a smock. I didn’t go anywhere without markers, crayons, paper, and my super important sticker collection. I was the resident card maker in my family and very rarely gave gifts that were not concocted from some mishmosh of art supplies I found around the house. 

Throughout school, art was always my favorite subject. I loved having an outlet for my creativity and could hardly wait to bring my masterpieces home to show my biggest fans. 

I graduated from Boston College with a degree in Human Development and Studio Art and later earned my Masters Degree in Elementary Education. I have a passion for making education fun and showing all children that anyone can become an artist. 

I’ve spent the last five years teaching at The Paint Bar studio right outside of Boston. It is my dream come true to combine art and education and I'm so excited to share my enthusiasm with kids everywhere.

You can expect some goofy surprise costumes and a spattering of Disney sing alongs while we paint and create.

Please join me on this fun adventure — I can't wait to meet you!

Just because your child doesn't have art in school this year — or their art classes have been reduced — doesn't mean they have to stop being creative.

Kids need a creative outlet now more than ever!

Please join the Waitlist and we'll be back in touch soon to let you know when our doors open.

If providing your child with a wonderful community of encouraging and supportive artists is something you think may be a good fit for them, then you definitely don't want to miss out.

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